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The past few days have been filled with adventure, learning and excitement. Had a great time today visiting the EatonCenter to stop for my favorite lunch so far, tacos! Huge thank you going out to Richtree Natural Market Restaurants for providing the delicious lunch as well as welcoming the rest of the girls and I with such open hearts and great hospitality. They have such a urban and unique set up it truly invites the public in and encourages them to try their wide variety of food and beverages they have to offer. The tacos were served out of a cute vintage van that really added to the whole feeling of the restaurant. I ordered both the beef and fish tacos and although the beef one may have been a bit spicy for my liking, the fish taco was by far the best taco I have ever had. Complete with everyone’s favorite glass pop bottle the meal was a delicious success and I am positive that their newest addition of a taco truck will be successful place and will bring in much attention from the public. All in all, the restaurants are defiantly given a 5 star rating from me.

IMG_2017 IMG_2019


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In the world today, we find ourselves in a state of reflection, reflection on why we are blessed to be living in a country that champions so many social topics and agendas. Canada, our home and native land. What do these words mean? To me, living in Canada is an amazing opportunity where we can be who we want to be, pursue the dreams we dream of pursuing, and help contribute to the protection of rights and programs that make Canada great. Although some of the world’s perception see us as, igloo living, polar bear riding, maple syrup drinking apologetic people, there is a lot more depth to Canada and its residents that continues to make it an amazing country to live in. Examples of things that make Canada a great country to live in include but are not limited to:

  • Free Education:  All Canadians are entitled to a free education from kindergarten to grade 12 in either English, French or both. Allowing children an education no matter of their economic status, means that every year as graduations pass we are given new scientists, healthcare providers, business operators, politicians and many more professions that has so much to offer the world thanks to their education.
  • Free Healthcare:  Add another point to team Canada because when it comes to healthcare, we are the ones to beat. Free healthcare basically sums it all up. What does having a health issue, broken bones, getting sick, needing surgery or having a baby all have in common? Well in Canada it’s the fact that you and your family don’t have to worry about medical bills long after.
  • Same Sex Marriage:  This isn’t something that is new to us. Same sex marriage has been legalized in Canada since 2005.
  • Welcome You With Open Arms:  It doesn’t matter your race or religion if you think you’re up to the challenge of our harsh winters, Canada will welcome you in and be happy to have you call our home your home.
  • Hey Ladies…. Ryan Gosling is 100% Canadian. Enough said.
  • Speaking of Ladies:  Canada is a great place for women. Not only are we able to attend school but we are also entitled to many things that other women around the world could only dream of. Things like working, pursuing a job of your dreams without limits, participating in all sports, voting and just basic human rights that unfortunately many women are stripped of.
  • Poutine:  Fries, cheese and gravy. These three simple ingredients, though an unusual combination for some countries, has become the best thing known to mankind when combined together.
  • Good Looking:  Don’t mean to brag but have you seen us? We got the Canadian Rockies on the west and The Great Lakes to the east throw in a prairie sunrise and you got one good looking country. It doesn’t stop there either, if you dig a bit deeper you’ll find the badlands of Drumheller, the bright colours of Newfoundland, the rain and shine of Vancouver and some of the most beautiful cities you’ll ever see. Hollywood must have noticed our looks seeing how big time movies such as “Titanic”, “Twilight”, “Blades of Glory” and “The Incredible Hulk” were filmed in Canada.
  • We Can Travel In Ease:  All we have to do is show the Canadian flag on basically everything and anything we take on vacation with us and let it work its magic. Canada is one of the most loved countries in the world. Being as apologetic and kind hearted as we are people love to see Canadians touring their loved country. Oh but don’t worry America, we’ll send you a post card from Cuba.
  • I’m Sorry:  These come flying in from every direction. Canadians are known for always being sorry. We apologize for almost everything and anything but isn’t that better than not receiving one at all?


There are many things that make Canada a great place to live and all though the list may not seem like much, I would still choose Canada over and over again as my favorite place to be because I couldn’t imagine not living in Canada, the greatest country in the world!


-Jordan Miss Teenage North West Saskatchewan

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Happy Birthday Canada!

It was great to celebrate Canada day back home with everyone. Although the rain decided that I was going to wear a rain suite while parading around Maidstone, I was still happy to be there. The rain may have stopped me from decorating the truck as much as I would have liked to but it didn’t stop me from throwing out handfuls upon handfuls of candy because who doesn’t like candy right?

All in all it was a great time and I really enjoyed celebrating with my community.

IMG_1798IMG_1830canada day

Written by: Jordan

When it came to picking our platforms my choice was simple. Bringing awareness to people about the dangers of destructive driving is something that I am truly passionate about. Although most people hear destructive driving and automatically think drinking and driving, I hope to change that thought and educate people about the new dangers that are quickly becoming as common as drinking and driving. Destructive driving has become so much more than the usual drinking and driving everyone thinks of and has begun to develop into texting, driving high and distracted driving. Throughout my middle and high school years, I was actively involved in our SADD program. SADD (Students Against Destructive Driving) is a chance for teens to make a difference and further educate people about the dangers of destructive driving. In doing this, I was able to attend 3 national conferences in both Saskatoon and Edmonton as well as host and co-host multiple events within our school and community. During my senior year I was elected as our SADD group president where I helped lead our group to win first place in the Provincial Awareness  Week put on by CAA.sadd


I truly believe that this issue is something that can easily become a thing of the past if we all do our part to end it. My hope for the future is that future Miss Teenage Canada finalists will not be able to have the platform of bringing awareness of the dangers of destructive driving because it will be an issue of the past.

For now remember to just keep swimming

-Jordan, Miss Teenage North West Saskatchewan


Written by: Jordan

June 6th 2015 I was able to attend the Lashburn street fair with a bake sale booth. Although the wind was strong and didn’t make it easy, the bake sale was still a success and I loved meeting everyone. I can’t begin to thank everyone who donated a baked or canned good as well as Lou’s & Sue’s restaurant in Maidstone for donating pizza and Caesar salad to sell for lunch. The sunburn me and my helpers received from being there was defiantly worth it in the end.

For now, remember to just keep swimming

Jordan, Miss Teenage North West Saskatchewan


Written by: Jordan

June 5th 2015, I was given the amazing opportunity to host the Maidstone Oilman’s BBQ supper. Every year, the Maidstone Oilman’s group holds a golf tournament at Silver Lake just north of Maidstone. This year the tournament brought in a total of 105 people to enjoy good company, food, weather and of course golfing. Once the golfing came to an end it was time to enjoy some delicious food and an endless amount of delicious desserts.bbq After supper there was a series of awards given to the golfers, as well as a variety of raffles throughout the night. A huge thank you going out to all teams that donated their winnings towards my pageant as well as a huge thank you to the winner of the auction, a 4 person golf trip that was auctioned off at $1450, for donating the money towards my pageant as well. bbq2The Oilman’s BBQ was a huge success and I am ecstatic at how it ended.



Until next time,

Jordan, Miss Teenage North West Saskatchewan

Written by: Jordan

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to announce that I have been given the amazing opportunity to proudly represent North Western Saskatchewan in the national Miss Teenage Canada pageant in Toronto. I would like to start off by thanking all my sponsors, supporters and most importantly my fan base!  I wouldn’t be here without all your support.

I am 18 years old from Maidstone Saskatchewan. I am a very outgoing and determined young lady. I love figure skating, synchronized skating and hunting. I have a love for travel and learning about the rich history the world has to offer.  In the future, I would love to be able to pursue a career in child psychology.

My platform, of brining awareness to Canada about the dangers of destructive driving, is something that I am extremely passionate about. Throughout my high school years I was an active member of our SADD chapter. In my senior years, I was proudly the president of the SADD chapter and lead our group to win the CAA Provincial Awareness week award. I will do everything I can to bring destructive driving to an end.

Be sure to follow my journey with my social media sites, as well as keeping your eye out for appearances I will be making!

Yours truly,

Jordan, Miss Teenage North Western Saskatchewan

Written by: Jordan
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